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English Program
Kindergarden 1

The basic education curriculum, wich includes preschool, primary and education has two components, one national and one global, English as a second language provides a global vision of the curriculum, wich is why it applies to the training field of language communication.

Kindergarten 1: The importance of our children learning to speak this second language, it is essential that children have well defined the language of spanish as their mother tongue, for this we need your support at home, the auditory, as we speak to our children, as we address them.

Homework: Tuesday and thursday

Kindergarden 2

The way i am going to work with the children in Kinder 2 is based on the progam that will arrive every month in the press release.

Homework: Monday and Wednesday.

I work in class using books, flashcards, didactic material, educational videos, books in english and notebooks.

Kindergarden 3

The purpose in this school year is for students for kindergarden 3 to apply in a certain way what they learned in the previous two grades, recognize, adquire, emloy, participate and use the language and use the language.

To achieve these goals in school we aim to work on numbers, vocabulary, class work and homework on fridays only.

Support material: Flashcards, didactic materials, educational videos, books, notebooks.


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